Are the floodgates finally opening for homeworking in the legal industry?


As you’d expect, I have a huge softspot for Clifford Chance. They’ve been leading the legal pack for years. I rejoiced to read in The Lawyer that Clifford Chance too are embracing home working. Obviously its not entirely altruistic as the rent saves alone are massive. But I think that’s immaterial because the benefits to mankind of people being able to work at home are huge. Think of the psychological implications on the family and children – all those extra hours that they will have to tell their loved ones how special and beautiful they are every day. Here is three cheers for Clifford Chance. Hip hip hurray X 3.

Read all about it in the Lawyer here:

US firm Scott and Scott bringing more forex litigation against UK banks.

The BBC has reported that award winning US outfit Scott and Scott is bringing action against up to 12 UK banks. The action is due to be launched this autumn and includes HSBC, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and US banks JP Morgan and Citigroup.
Scott and Scott specialise in fraud. The BBC wrote about this here: Read BBC feature here More dark clouds are gathering for these big names in banking. Yep, should have kept it clean, chaps.

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Hello world and WordPress.

This is my very first post on WordPress. This site has been started so that I can reach out to the world about legal matters which are important to people. I aim to support, comment and entertain non lawyers (and other lawyers too).

I am an experienced UK Estelle Clarkelawyer and wish to put my expertise to good worldly use. I hope you stay for the ride. Thanks!